Introduction and Scope
This is a list of piano roll recordings of titular blues copyrighted before January 1, 1921. I have included all known roll recordings of a composition, whether or not they were made by the cut-off date. Piano rolls are a remarkably neglected area in terms of scholarship, far more so than flat-disc and cylinder recordings. For this reason, precise dating of most of the rolls is problematical, as sufficient data is lacking. I have therefore not attempted to place different recordings of a composition chronologically as I did in the discography, or indeed to date them at all, but have instead arranged them alphabetically by label. However, where I suspect, or know for sure, that a roll was recorded after 01/01/21, I have placed it in square parentheses.

There are two kinds of piano roll represented in this list: hand-played and arranged. Hand-played rolls, as the name implies, are based on an actual performance, the pianist being named on the roll label and in the catalogs. Arranged rolls consisted of a particular arrangement cut straight onto the roll. This was often little more than a direct transfer of the sheet music, although arrangements could also be quite elaborate at times. The difference between the two roll types is often more blurred than this distinction implies, as the hand-played rolls could, and usually were, doctored by correcting any mistakes, quantizing the rhythms, and, at times, fleshing out the arrangements. The result of this is that some hand-played rolls bear only a tangential relationship to the performance on which they are based. Certain hand-played rolls have the designation “assisted by x.” This means that the original performance was added to by another player at a later date, to fill out the arrangement often in order to bring out the melody more clearly (in these cases, the “assistant’s” initials are usually given on the other roll label).

This listing makes no claim to comprehensiveness as there are very few sources to consult. The rollography had therefore to be compiled de novo, by means of scouring the collections of major collectors and consulting the few contemporaneous catalogs that were available to me. This list, therefore, probably represents only a fraction of the total number of rolls produced, undoubtedly less than half.

Explanation of Column Headings
Column 1: Title. Title of sheet music version (see listing of published titular blues). Where alternative titles are used for a roll, either on catalog listings or on the roll itself, these are noted in column 4 in square parentheses.

Column 2: Label and Issue Number. These are listed as they appear in a catalog or on the roll. I have listed different issues of a roll, where known, under the same entry.

Column 3: Performer. These are listed wherever known for hand-played rolls, the information being derived from the roll or a catalog. Where there is no name in this column, the roll is an arranged roll.

Column 4: Other Label Designation(s). As they appear on the roll. I have included:

  1. indicators of genre and/or dance styles: “Blues,” “Rag,” “Fox Trot,” “Blue Fox Trot,” etc.;
  2. alternate titles, or variants in titles, in square parentheses;
  3. miscellaneous commentary: “saxophone arrangement”; “jass effects,” etc.

Additional Notes

  1. “arr.” in column 3 = arranged by.
  2. “FT” in column 4 = Fox Trot.
  3. an entry placed in square brackets means the recording in question is known to have been made after January 1 1921.
Label & Issue No.PerformerOther Label Designation(s)
A.B.C.D. Blues (I’ve Got the) (Kershaw/Von Tilzer)
Imperial 91161Clarence JonesFT
QRS 1293Pete WendlingFT
Alcoholic Blues (The) (Laska/von Tilzer)
Ampico 200603-F Donald Mackay
Connorized 6501 Clarence Ward (assisted B. M.)
Imperial 9815, 62880 Clarence JonesFT
Melodee 3445 G. W. TiffanyFT
Pianostyle 46938 -
QRS Word Roll 812 Pete Wendling (assisted A. H.)
Republic 18014 Victor Lane
Rythmodik Z103663 Donald Mackay
Simplex 7825 Alvin GardnerFT
Sing A5825 -
Universal 3445 G. W. TiffanyFT
Alimony Blues (Wolf/Hirsch)
Imperial 9604 Gene Rodemich
QRS 539, 100817 Pete Wendling
Rolla Artis 50772 Clarence JonesFT
Baby Blues (Rogers/Roberts)
QRS 1067 Pete Wendling
Baby Seals Blues: Sing ‘Em - They Sound Good to Me (Seals)
QRS 32892 -
Beale Street (Handy)
Columbia 626 Clarence Johnson
Diamond 6001 -
Majestic 6724 -Rag - One Step [Beale Street Blues]
Paramount 5176 Al Johnson[Beale Street Blues]
QRS 571 J. Russel RobinsonFT [Beale Street Blues]
QRS 33178 [Beale Street Blues]
Vocalstyle 10688 Hilda Myers/Walter Esberger[Beale Street Blues]
Universal 303233 -[Beale Street Blues]
Universal/Melodee 3603 Edythe BakerFT
US 8375 B -Jazz Interpolation [Beale Street Blues]
US 28989 J. Russel RobinsonBlues [Beale Street]
Beautiful Ohio Blues (King)
Imperial 9995 Les Hoadley
Republic 36118 -
Rythmodik Z105593 Shipman/Joyce
Solo Artist W1333 -
Bell Hop Blues (Goodman/Piantadosi)
Ampico 201043 [Herbert] Clair/Joyce
[Capitol A-661/2 -]
QRS 1044 Pete Wendling
Rythmodik Z1049993 [Herbert] Clair/Joyce
Big Chief Blues (Al Bernard)
Universal 3553 Barton/Herzog
Bigamus Blues (Kortlander)
QRS 795 Max KortlanderFT
Broadway Blues (The) (Swanstrom/Morgan)
Melodee 4153, QRS Q-194 Eubie Blake
Orient 12651 Howard LutterFT
QRS 1285 Pete Wendling
Supertone 10262 -
Wurlitzer 50132 Clarence JonesFT
Bull Frog Blues (Brown/Shrigley)
Perfection 86911 George Morton
QRS 100572 Ted Baxter/Max KortlanderJazz FT
Universal/Melodee 303039 -Saxophone arrangement
Kimball B6982 -
Bunch of Blues (A) (Kelley/Wyer)
88 Note 7596 B -
Carolina Blues (The) (Holt/Pierson)
Ideal 9300 -
Chattanooga Blues (Pinkard/Seidel)
Angelus 91837 -
Ideal 4201 -Rag
Pianostyle, unknown number -
QRS 33175 -A Slow Drag
Cheerful Blues (Olman)
Connorized 20520 A. HylandFT
Imperial 510950 Charley StraightFT
Paramount 6859 -
Chinese Blues (Moore/Gardner)
Diamond 17398 -One-step
Harmony 17363 -
Imperial 53093 Zema RandaleOne Step or Song
Marvel 2116 -
Metro-Art 202502 William E. BergeFT
Perfection 86717 Bert WynnFT
QRS 100275 Max Cortlander [sic]
QRS 32075 -One-step for dancing
Rythmodik C14202 Annette Frances
Unisolo 35185 -
Church Street Sobbin’ Blues (Lada/Cawley/Nunez)
Dyna-Record 50165 Walter Davison
US 9799 -Jazz Band Novelty
Coal Man Blues (Sandefur/Schoebel)
Imperial 9874 Charley Straight
Colorado Blues (Bowman)
[Capitol A-2099 -]
Deluxe 15474 Adam Carroll
Imperial 510340 J. Russel RobinsonFT
US 7483 -(arr. M. E. Brown)
Crazy Blues (Bradford)
Arto 1290 Harry JohnsonFT
Ideal 4724 -Blues de FT
Melodee 4199 Eubie BlakeFT
QRS 1309 Pete Wendling
Republic 38818 Cal AdamsCrazy FT
Supertone 10265 -
Starck 8555 -
Vocalstyle 11868 Walter Davison
Dallas Blues (Wand)
88 Note 65950 -(arr. M. Annabel Robbins) Syncopated melody
88 Note 2734 -
[Capitol A-1987/3 -]
Imperial 9727 Clarence JonesFT
Majestic 6865 -Rag One Step
Pianostyle 46865 -
US 5950 -(arr. M. E. Brown)
Vocalstyle 11256 Joe MurrayBlue FT
Dardanella Blues (The) (Black)
Ampico Clair/Muriel Pollock
Imperial 91093 Clarence Jones
Melodee 3903 Edythe BakerBlues FT
Orient 12469 Bob ShoemakerFT
Pianostyle 47560 -
QRS 1094 Pete WendlingFT
Rythmodik Z106193 Clair/Muriel Pollock
Day and Night (Johnson/Roberts/Smythe)
Imperial 58830 Lewis J. Fulks (assisted W. H.)“Jazz Rag” Production/FT
QRS 33049 -
Universal, unknown number -
Wurlitzer, unknown number -
Discontented Blues (The) (Snowden)
QRS 1108 Pete WendlingFT
Don’t Care Blues (Bradford)
QRS 774 Wendling/RobinsonFT
Don’t Tell Your Monkey Man (Johnson)
Imperial 9850 Clarence Jones
Melodee S2966 Eubie BlakeFT
QRS 1338 James P. JohnsonFT
Dreaming Blues (Davis/Baker)
Imperial 91124 Clarence JonesFT
Melodee 3939 Edythe BakerBlues FT
Early Mornin’ Blues (Davis)
Capitol A-682/3 -
Vocalstyle 12808 Buck Johnson
Easy Pickin’s: What a Hit You Will Agree (Pinkard)
Connorized 6558 Joe GoldBluey FT
Fare-Thee Honey Blues (Bradford)
Melodee 2949, S2950 Eubie BlakeFT
Florida Blues (The) (Jenkins/Jones/Phillips)
Auto A-661/7 -
[Capitol A-1987/2 -]
Connorized 20375 W. ArlingtonRag
QRS 32514 -
US 8284 B -Jazz
Flower Garden Blues (Graham/White)
QRS 773 Zez ConfreyFT
Good-bye Blues (Cobb/Roat)
Perfection 86822 Alvin GardnerFT
Graveyard Blues (The) (Woods/Caldwell)
88 Note 8315 -
Autokrat 60541 -FT
Majestic 46450 -Rag
QRS 33109 -
Vocalstyle 10656 Bud WilsonBlues
Heart-Sickness Blues (Coslow/Rose)
Musicnote 1170 -
Hesitating Blues (The) (Handy)
65 Note 101165 -FT
88 Note 3095 -FT
QRS 32271 -One-step for Dancing
Universal/Melodee 302229 -FT
Hesitation Blues, or Oh! Baby Must I Hesitate (Middleton/Smythe)
Aeolian, unknown number -
Auto A-807/1 -
[Capitol A-1987/10 -]
[Capitol A-2282/8 -]
Imperial 9637 Clarence Jones
Perfection 86727 Chester HendersonFT
QRS 492, 533 Pete WendlingFT
QRS 32326 -One-Step for Dancing
Rolla Artis 50148 Clarence Jones
Rose Valley, unknown number -
Rythmodik C15832 William Berge
Ideal 9200 -FT
Universal/Melodee 203076 George Gershwin
US 7858 B -Popular Song
Vocalstyle, unknown number -
Wilcox & White, unknown number -
Wurlitzer, unknown number -
Home Again Blues (Berlin/Akst)
Columbia 75179 Joe Maxon
Connorized 6968 Joe GoldFT
Imperial 91273 Clarence Jones
Kimball 10094 -FT
Melodee S2949 Eubie BlakeFT
QRS 1342 J. Russel RobinsonFT
Supertone 5121 -
Syncronized 198 -
US 40222 Chet Gordon
Vocalstyle 11894 Emil SeidelFT
Homesickness Blues (Hess)
American 94157 -
Auto A-375/2 -
Connorized 10342 -FT
Ideal 1630 -
QRS 100561 Pete WendlingFT
Rythmodik C15172 Pete Wendling
Supertone 10269 -
Universal/Melodee 302883 -FT
Honolulu Blues (The) (Clarke/Monaco)
Metro-Art/Uni-Record 202872 George Gershwin
QRS 100387 Hal PopeFT
Rythmodik A15112 Pete Wendling
Hooking Cow Blues (The) (Williams/Handy)
QRS 595 J. Russel Robinson (assisted A. H.)FT
US 28952 J. Russel Robinson
Houston Blues (The) (Thomas)
Kimball 10217 -
How Long, How Long: Absent Blues (White)
Connorized 6812 Joe GoldFT
International 92333 -FT
QRS 1620 J. Russel RobinsonFT
Vocalstyle 11730 Joe Murray
Hula Blues (The) (Cunha/Noble)
Imperial 91137 Roy Bargy/Charley Straight
Melodee 4113 Cliff Hess
Pop 1186 Bud Sparrow/Al ShortFT
QRS 1232 Pete WendlingFT
I Got the Blues (Berk)
Connorized 6261 H. ClaarFT
Irresistible Blues (Tutt/Roberts)
Vocalstyle 11463 Luckey Roberts
I’ve Got the Army Blues (Gilbert/Morgan)
Ideal 1819 -Army Blues
I’ve Got the Blue Ridge Blues (Mason/Cooke/Whiting)
Imperial 9737 Clarence JonesFT
QRS 689 Arthur SizemoreFT
Rythmodik Z19673 W. J. Duncan
Vocalstyle Joe MurrayFT
I’ve Got the Blues for Home Sweet Home (Jerome/Goetz/Meyer)
QRS 100427 Charley StraightFT for Dancing
I’ve Got the Blues for My Old Kentucky Home (Gaskill)
Imperial 91230 Roy Bargy
Melodee 4121 Erlebach/Milne
QRS 1294 J. Russel RobinsonFT
I’ve Got the Prohibition Blues, For Booze (Turner/Zerse)
Connorized 6524 H. Claar (assisted C. M.)FT
I’ve Got the Santa Claus Blues (Marion/Bargy)
Imperial 9953 Roy Bargy
Jazz Band Blues (Graham/White)
Dyna-Record 50129 Allison/CrawfordFT
Keynote 1193 -
Melodee 3871 Edythe BakerFT
US 39036 J. Russel RobinsonFT
Jazz Me Blues (The) (Delaney)
Cecile 7218 -
Connorized 6958 Joe GoldFT
[QRS 8790 J. Lawrence Cook]
Supertone 5154 Paul Jones
Syncronized 218 -
Jelly Roll Blues (The) (Morton)
88 Note 7445B -FT
Connorized 3485 -FT
QRS 32351 -The Original Jelly Roll
Rolla Artis 50192 Clarence JonesFT
Vocalstyle 50505 Jelly Roll MortonBlues
Joe Turner Blues (Handy)
Imperial 58820, 958820 Lewis J. FulksFT
Kimball B6929 -
QRS 1830 James P. JohnsonFT
[QRS 7984 J. Lawrence Cook]
QRS 32287 -One-Step Two-Step Rag
Universal/Melodee 3607 Edythe BakerFT
Universal 302465 -FT
US 8311 B -Jazz Interpolations
Vocalstyle 12218 Harry WilseyBlues
Jogo Blues (The) (Handy)
88 Note 2733 -The Memphis Itch; Rag
US/88 Note 66030 -The Memphis Itch; Rag
Joy Man Blues (Middleton/Smythe)
National, unknown number -
QRS 33022 -One-Step for Dancing
Vocalstyle, unknown number -
Kansas City Blues (Bowles/Bowman)
Auto A-375/9 -
[Capitol A-2282/5 -]
Diamond 19753 -
Kimball A 7011 -
Melodee 3889 Edythe BakerFT
U.S. 7482 -
Vocalstyle 11199 Joe MurrayFT
Kentucky Blues (Steed/Lion)
National, unknown number -
QRS, unknown number -
Vocalstyle, unknown number -
Landlord Blues (Laska/Von Tilzer)
Connorized 6656 Eva ReevesFT
Imperial 9917 Clarence JonesFT
Majestic 1199 -FT
Left All Alone Again Blues (Caldwell/Kern)
Connorized 6790 Joe GoldFT
Duo-Art 1664 George GershwinFT
Imperial 91042 Charley Straight/Roy Bargy
Meloart 709 “Woody” FrisinoFT
Melodee 3845 George GershwinFT
Orient 12447 -FT
Pianostyle 47525 -
QRS 1073 Phil OhmanFT
Rythmodik Z105993 Clair/Muriel Pollock
Victory 1392 -FT
Vocalstyle 11639 -
Livery Stable Blues (Lee/Nunez/Lopez)
Connorized 20510 W. ArlingtonFT
Imperial 510400 Art Kahn“Jazz Rag” Production FT
Majestic 46421 -Rag
Paramount -Rag
QRS 100646 Ted Baxter/Max KortlanderJazz FT
Royal 3957 -
Rythmodik D18453 William Berge
Selected 168 -FT
Supertone 5231 J. Russel Robinson
US J. Russel RobinsonFT
Lonesome Blues (Bradford)
Connnorized 20659 H. Claar
QRS 544 Pete WendlingFT
US 8768 -
Long Lost Blues (The) (Kelley/Wyer)
Auto A-661/3 -
QRS 100256 Harold Weber
QRS 32353-arranged by W. H. Dorsey
Lovin’ Blues (Davis/Papa)
Rhythmodik Z106013 Herbert Clair (assisted M. P.)
Lullaby Blues (Kendall/Robinson/Morse)
Imperial 62840 Charley Straight/Clyde
Melodee 3317 Theodore MorseWaltz Blues
QRS 794 J. Russel RobinsonWaltz Blues
Universal 3317 Theodore Morse
Vocalstyle 11451 Walter Davidson
Mama’s Blues (Farrell/Johnson)
Connorized 6129 W. ArlingtonFT
Pianostyle 46409 -Rag One Step
QRS 231 Pete WendlingFT
Rythmodik E17933 James P. Johnson
Singa/Supertone 5228 James P. JohnsonFT
Universal/Melodee 2335 James P. Johnson/Edwin E. WilsonJass-FT
US 29113 J. Russel Robinson
Marriage Blues (Weber/Samuels/Berkin)
Rythmodik Z106173 Marion Scott
Melancholy Blues: The Yodlin’ Blues (Debrow/Williams/Robinson)
QRS 749 J. Russel RobinsonFT
Memphis Blues (The) (Norton/Handy)
88 Note 22014 -
[Capitol A-1987/5 -]
Imperial 9639 Jack Clyde
Kimball B6343 -or Mr. Crump
Little Gem Joe FecherMr Crump
Melodee 4371 Eubie BlakeFT
Perfection 86337 Joseph Fecher
QRS 100243 Phil Goldberg
QRS 31549 -or Mr. Crump
QRS 491 Pete WendlingFT
[QRS 491 J. Lawrence CookBarrelhouse Blues/ New Arrangement]
Supertone 4261 Clarence JohnsonBlue FT
Universal/Melodee 301153 -Rag
Misery Blues (Lodge)
Wurlitzer 1045/1 -
Missouri Blues (Royce/Brown)
Imperial 9852 Charley Straight/ Burt Franklin
Metro-Art 203534 Frank C. MilneFT
Supertone 10276 -
Money Blues (The) (Frey)
Duo-Art 1516 Frank Banta
Universal 203163 Frank BantaFT
Moonlight Blues (Deane)
Perfection 86988 Frank C. WestonJazz-Rag Waltz
Muscleshoals Blues (Thomas)
Kimball 10069 -FT
QRS 1888 James P. JohnsonFT
US 40258 Chet GordonFT
USP 40258 -
Vocalstyle 12191 Harry Wilsey
Nervous Blues (Bradford)
QRS Q128 James P. Johnson
New Orleans Hop Scop Blues (Thomas)
Kimball 10070, B7017 -FT
Meloart 700 Lee JacksonFT
Nigger Blues (White)
Ideal 4600 -Saxophone Rag
Imperial 58140 Zema Randale (assisted W. H.)Jazz chorus with rag obligato [sic]
QRS 31663 -
Vocalstyle 12217 Harry WilseyBlues
Old Joe Blues (Gilbert/Samuels/Vincent)
Imperial 9914 Les HoadleyFT
Ole Miss Blues (Handy)
QRS Q132 James P. Johnson
Original Chicago Blues (The) (White)
Imperial 54510 Zema Randale
QRS 32157 -Rag
Paradise Blues; or, When You Play the Blues, I’m Right in Paradise (Hirsch/Williams)
Ideal 3505 -Saxophone FT
QRS 33111 -FT for dancing
QRS 232 Pete Wendling
Vocalstyle 10633 Hilda Wehmeier (assisted M. A..)Jazz arrangement
Pickaninny Blues (Frost/Klickmann)
Imperial 91026 Bob Alden/George Stanley
International 7005 -
QRS 1181 Victor Arden/Phil OhmanWaltz
Vocalstyle 11598 Allison/Davison
Pipe Dream Blues (Kendall/Williams/Robinson)
QRS 494 Phil Baxter/Max KortlanderFT
Preparedness Blues (Hillman/Idle)
O.K. Houck Piano Co., unnumbered -
Universal 8504, 303235 -FT
Profiteering Blues (I’ve Got the) (Wilson/Bibo)
Artempo 74570 -
Prohibition Blues (Al Sweet)
Ideal 2056 -FT
Race Track Blues (The) (Leslie/Wendling/Monaco)
QRS 1239 Pete WendlingFT
Racing Blues (Fleeson/Von Tilzer)
Melodee 3891 Edythe BakerFT
Railroad Blues (Washington/Roberts)
Imperial 91005 Roy BargyFT
Melodee 3829 Edythe BakerFT
QRS 1141 Pete Wendling
Vocalstyle 11356 Luckey Roberts
Rainy Day Blues (Mitchell/Warschauer)
Auto A-682/1 -
Rainy Day Blues (Mitchell/Warshauer)
QRS 830 Zez ConfreyFT
Republic 20914 Cal AdamsFT
Rythmodik J102073 Victor Arden/Harry Thomas
Supertone 5979 Gordon/BrownFT
Regretful Blues (Clark/Hess)
Imperial 9505 Charley StraightFT
Melodee 2737 Erlebach/HirschFT
Perfection 87201 Arthur FranklinJazz-Rag FT
Ringtail Blues (Robinson/Williams)
[Capitol A-1987/6 -]
Imperial 62490 Charley Straight/Clyde
Rock-a-bye Baby Blues (Rogers/Roberts)
Melodee 3875 Edythe BakerFT
Royal Garden Blues (Williams/Williams)
Imperial 9897 Clarence JonesFT
Melodee 3831 Edythe BakerFT
QRS 932 J. Lawrence Cook
QRS 974 J. Russel Robinson
Sa-Mo-a Blues (Pérès)
Kimball 7310 -
Saint Louis Blues (Handy)
American/Columbia 547 Clarence Johnson
Ampico 210351-E Adam CarrollFT
Arto 1509 Billy HegaminFT
Atlas 3123 Finisher Johnson
[Capitol A-2282/1 -]
Connorized 7929 Bud EarlFT
Duo-Art 0665 A. Moran
Duo-Art 1650 Edythe Baker
Imperial 06578 -Blues FT
Imperial 91146 Clarence JonesFT
International 93689 -
Melodee 3463 Edythe BakerFT
Paramount 5190 Al JohnsonBlues FT
Perfection 86906 Al BurrowsOne Step Rag Novelty
[Playrite 5396 Armand MuthFT]
[QRS 1001 Fats Waller]
QRS 1185 J. Russel RobinsonFT
[QRS 2323, 3871, 4926 J. Lawrence CookBlues FT New Arrangement]
QRS 31664 -
Rollo Mexico 1509 -Blues [San Louis Blues]
Supertone 6031 Clarence Johnson
Universal 302469 -FT
Universal 3463 Frank C. MilneFT
US 38935 J. Russel Robinson
Saxophone Blues (Bernard)
Rythmodik Z106133 Herbert Clair/M. P.
Separation Blues (Barbour)
QRS 3603 -
Snakey Blues (The) (Nash)
Ideal 6000 -
Some Jazz Blues (Lake)
Universal/Melodee 303243 -
Squealin’ Pig Blues (Alexander)
QRS 916 Pete WendlingFT
Stock Yard Blues (Pinkard)
Metro-Art 203394 Paul ParisFT
Sugar Blues (Fletcher/Williams)
Connorized 7320 Bert ReevesFT
Imperial X5193 Jack ClydeFT
International 92323 -FT
Pianostyle 17019 -
QRS 2172, Q140 Clarence Williams
[QRS 5205 J. Lawrence CookFT]
Supreme 6278 Chet SimpsonFT
US 39953 Clarence Johnson
Suicide Blues (Norton/de Rose)
Col A-2254/7 -
Swanee Blues (Goodman/Delcamp)
Melodee 3873 Edythe BakerFT
Sweet Baby Blues (Williams)
Auto A-661/9 -
US 8316 B -Banjo Blues “Jazz” Interpolations
Tar-Heel Blues (The) (Brymn)
Diamond 18513 -FT
Uni-Record/Melody 202283 Felix ArndtFT
Taxation Blues (Hess/Rosey/Santly)
Vocalstyle 11480 Cliff HessBlue FT
Temptation Blues (The) (Barbour)
Imperial 9927 Roy BargyFT
Tennessee Blues (Holt/Warner)
Autokrat 60335 -FT
Connorized 20380 Mizz M. BlaumannFT
QRS 228 Pete WendlingFT
Thermodist Metrostyle 302997 -
Universal 302997 -FT
US 8248 B -Popular Song
Vocalstyle 10571 Hilda Wehmeier
That Heavenly Jazz (The Religious Blues) (Dempsey/Schmid)
Ideal W4708 Ed Sheppard
Them Doggon’d Triflin’ Blues (Skidmore)
Conorized 20519 A. Hyland (assisted W. K.)FT- Jass Effects
Those Draftin’ Blues (Pinkard)
Connorized 6217 Maceo Pinkard
Imperial 9552 Clarence JonesFT
Perfection 87298 Alvin GardnerFT
QRS 479 Pete Wendling (assisted Gene H. Buck)
Singa 5629 Alvin GardnerFT
Universal/Melodee 2915 Herzog/EastwoodFT
US 38758 Brown/J. Russel Robinson
Those Harmelodic Blues (Goldberg)
US 18939 Phil Goldberg
Those Sighing Hawaiian Blues (Goodman/Rubin)
QRS 100551 Max KortlanderFT
Tishomingo Blues (Williams)
Artempo 70940 Lester AlbertonFT
Imperial 9562 Jack ClydeFT
Imperial 9819 Charley Straight
Pianostyle 46745 -Rag Four-hand Arrangement
QRS 431, 100774 Pete WendlingFT
Rolla Artis 50743 Clarence JonesFT
Universal/Melodee 3623 Edythe BakerFT
US 28679 J. Russel Robinson
Vocalstyle 11024 Joe Murray, assisted W. E.FT
Triangle Jazz Blues (Leclere)
QRS 100631 Max Kortlander
Tulsa Blues (The) (Robison)
US 29145 J. Russel RobinsonFT
Twelfth Street Blues (Heagney)
Duo-Art 713103 Edythe Baker
Melodee 3893 Edythe BakerFT
Melodee 303343 -
Undertaker’s Blues (Lopez)
QRS 493 J. Russel Robinson
US 38963 J. Russel Robinson
Unlucky Blues (Lewis/Robinson)
Imperial 91046 Clarence JonesFT
Wandering Blues (Smith)
QRS 219 Ted Baxter/ Max KortlanderJazz One-Step
Wang-Wang Blues (Johnson/Mueller/Busse)
Arto 1403 Doris GoodwinFT
Connorized 6998 Joe GoldFT
Diamond D-4 -FT
Ideal 2949 -FT de Blues
Kimball 10117 -FT
Majestic 1617, 4181 -FT - Blue
Melodee S2985 Eubie BlakeFT
Pianostyle 11049, 47790 -
Pop 1357 Al Newman (assisted W. C. J.)FT
QRS 1366 Pete WendlingFT
Supertone 5141 Dave GwynFT
Vocalstyle 11925 Emil SeidelBlues
War Bride Blues (Marten/Le Blanc)
Auto A-661/4 -
Melodee S2961 Eubie BlakeFT
Weary Blues (The) (Matthews)
Metrostyle/Universal 302382 -
Perfection 86706 Elmer BendixFT
U.S. 302383 -
West Texas Blues (The) (Booker)
Melodee 4051 Cliff Hess
Where-Is-My-Daddy-Now Blues (Yellen/Motzan/Olman)
Imperial 91215 Clarence Jones
Whistling Blues (Barnett/Holtsworth)
Supertone 10284 -
Why Don’t You Drive My Blues Away? (Lovesick Blues) (Davis/Papa)
Imperial 91035 Clarence Jones
Rhythmodik J104653 Edgar Fairchild
Wicked Blues (Bradford)
Columbia 94122 Clarence Johnson
QRS 937 Pete WendlingFT
Yama Yama Blues (Williams/Williams)
Connorized 6493 H. Claar (assisted B. M.)FT - a Bluey Blues
Imple 7791 Edna MackeyFT
Singa 5791 Edna MackayFT
Universal 3331 Ennison/HammondSaxophone FT
Yellow Dog Blues (Handy)
Arto 1066 Doris GoodwinOne-Step
[Capitol A-2282/6 -]
Connorized 6709 Joe Gold (assisted E. B.)FT
Ideal 6002 -FT
Imperial 9881 Clarence JonesFT [Yellow Dog Rag]
Paramount Al Johnson
Pianostyle 47464 -FT
QRS 1040 J. Russel RobinsonFT
[QRS 9557 J. Lawrence Cook]
QRS 100247 Phil GoldbergFT Blues [Yellow Dog Rag]
QRS 32207 -[Yellow Dog Rag]
Universal/Melodee 3551 Edythe BakerFT [Yellow Dog Rag]